Bonaparte as First Consul (sic).

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The denomination First Consul seems anachronical here, since the inspiration in Corbet’s bust of the young general Bonaparte (below, 1797) seems evident. However, one of the most known copies of the bust (the original was lost), the one from Malmaison, does bear the inscription Le géneral Bonaparte, premier Consul de la République, par C.L. Corbet en l’an VII.



Check this out, this is one of my favorite paintings of all time, Napoleon’s Hats by Karl Steuben. So at first this seems like an ordinary painting of Napoleon’s famous bicorne from different angles, right? Wrong.This painting tells Napoleon’s entire life story through his hat. Each hat symbolizes a different period of his life. The first is the 13th Vendémiaire, the second is the Consulate, the third is his empire, the fourth is the Battle of Austerlitz, the fifth is the Battle of Wagram, the sixth is the burning of Moscow, the seventh is the Battle of Waterloo, and, finally, the eighth is his exile on St. Helena. 

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Illustration for P. Franc-Lecomte’s Histoire de Napoléon II né roi de Rome, mort duc de Reichstadt: the ghost of Absolutism haunts the young man’s dreams.


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Adrienne Heloise

homoerotic cut paper pieces based on Napoleonic war painting details

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London policemen, training drill, 1937

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Bandages with cloths, plate XII.

From First aid to the injured; with special reference to accidents occuring in the mountains, by Oskar Bernhard, London, 1900.


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Waterloo - international teaser

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Maréchal Louis-Nicolas Davout at Auxerre


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If you thought that Easter greeting postcards and children dressed in a napoleonic uniform could not exist at the same time, you were wrong.


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