Grotto in the Gulf of Naples
Oil on oak panel, 37,5 x 29 cm
Wallraf-Richartz-Museum, Cologne


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Yeah but this is a wax Napoleon from the army museum (formerly) in Delft.

ew ewww eewe wew eEWWWWW

Well, at least the painters from 1795 used their pre-photoshop talents to make him hot

Hahahahaha oh god do I remember this. 

When the museum was being cleared because of the move to a new location, they left him sitting in the middle of the otherwise completely empty room. 



spitting image



Another scan from the Men At Arms series, I can’t quite remember which book or page it was, so I can’t quite give it the right credits.


Self-portrait while looking at a Painting - Giovanni Boldini

Oil on canvas

c. 1865


Portrait of Madame van Westrenen of Tremaat (1802). Jean-Baptiste Greuze (French, 1725-1805). Oil on panel.

Greuze’s sitter was the wife of Jan van Westrenen of Tremaat and of Houdringe, a resident of Utrecht who served as Ambassador from the Batavian Republic to the court of Sweden and later, during the reign of Napoleon I, as Holland’s representative to the Corps Législatif in Paris.


Eugene de Beauharnais

1812 год.

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Because agarthanguide and I are cackling over it - Tom Burke as Napoleon, for an episode of the BBC’s Heroes and Villains. I genuinely can’t decide whether to throw myself at him or just sit here and giggle “Aw, look at the little bébé being all intense.”

I never used to believe in ~soulmates or ~finding your other half, but now I think I actually found him :)

Detail of the Marshals of the Empire, from Nicolas Gosse’s "Napoleon at Tilsit"

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