As you might know, I’m on a roadtrip in the US right now. The day after we arrived in Denver, the news about MH17 broke, and in the following days, it became clear the majority of victims were Dutch,

Of course I’m touched and saddened by this needless loss of life. Luckily, no one my family knows was on board, though that doesn’t make it any less of a tragedy.

Since we’re on the road almost the entire day and are not at home right now, it’s hard to get an idea of what the mood is like in the Netherlands. We’re trying to follow the news as best we can, but we ‘re not seeing any of the Dutch news reports.

Apparently, they must be something fierce because they have managed to turn friends I thought were smart and balanced into people screaming for war and posting on ministers’ fb pages demanding an armed intervention.

It really saddens me to see so many friends turn into raging idiots so easily. I understand they’re angry and upset about what happened, as i am, but I think not being exposed to media 24/7 right now enables me to look at all this from a distance and analyze it more rationally (as far as that’s even possible in this situation).

Also, this is one of those situations that makes being a historian more of a curse than a blessing. From similar incidents in the past, I know it’s very unlikely we’ll ever get the full truth about what happened. Maybe in 50 or 70 years when secret service reports about this get declassified, we’ll get a better picture of what happened and who’s to blame.

I understand people feel hurt and want to have someone to blame so they can punish them and ‘avenge’ the victims, it’s really no use jumping to conclusions and demanding war. Do you honestly want this to turn into a fullblown war between the West and Russia and its allies? Because I certainly don’t. I’m not saying I don’t want justice for the victims and their families, we just need to keep calm, however hard that may be, and let the diplomats do their job. War in Ukraine/with Russia is not going to help the investigation into what happened at all.

I’m sorry this became such a longwinded post, but this has been bithering me for some days and going on fb to check up on my friends has become a daily round of frustratin because each day, more of them seem to have turned into people I hardly recognise.

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3,5 week hiatus

I’m leaving for a 3,5 week road trip from Denver to San Francisco today, so I probably won’t be posting anything during that time.

Hope you all have a good summer!


cat with eyebrows

Jean Mansel, ‘La Fleur des histoires ou les hystores rommaines abregies…’, France 1454.

Paris, Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal, Ms 5088 réserve, fol. 257r

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Down the Champs-Elysees

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Portrait de Napoléon Bonaparte, en buste, de 3/4 dirigé à gauche dans une bordure ovale posée sur un obélisque et entourée de figures allégoriques.

(Or another hideous allegory, although I have seen worse)



Bastille Day 2014



Karl Theodor Körner (1791 - 1813) was a German poet and soldier. 

He fought in the German Uprising against Napoleon. He would compose poems and sonnets, sometimes in the middle of battle or after sustaining injuries. He was killed at Leizig on 25 August 1813, aged just 21. 

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Jean Broc: The death of Desaix at Marengo. And details. The guy of the last one, tho.

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“dutch baroque” i think u mean “a group of people looking at you as if you just personally insulted their mom”




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"Ew you’re a guy and like the color pink are you gay?"


gay blue pink LGBT WWII color vlogbrothers Hank Green gender lgbtqia nerdfighteria Hitler sueishappygay blue pink LGBT WWII color vlogbrothers Hank Green gender lgbtqia nerdfighteria Hitler sueishappy
gay blue pink LGBT WWII color vlogbrothers Hank Green gender lgbtqia nerdfighteria Hitler sueishappygay blue pink LGBT WWII color vlogbrothers Hank Green gender lgbtqia nerdfighteria Hitler sueishappy
gay blue pink LGBT WWII color vlogbrothers Hank Green gender lgbtqia nerdfighteria Hitler sueishappygay blue pink LGBT WWII color vlogbrothers Hank Green gender lgbtqia nerdfighteria Hitler sueishappy


I’ve been waiting for this post all my life

Hey guess what that’s not what happened. STFU Hank Green.

"Marco Del Guidice, a sociologist at the University of Turin in Italy, says a simple search of all the books published in the United States between 1880 and 1980, which have been scanned by Google, suggests that pink was associated with girls and blue with boys during that entire time. Using the program Google Ngram, he searched for the phrases "blue for boys," "pink for girls," "blue for girls, "pink for boys," as well as the singular versions "blue for a boy," and so on. The rules we abide by (blue for boys and pink for girls) appeared in books from 1880 onward, becoming more common over time, but the opposite rules (pink for boys and blue for girls) didn’t turn up in the book search at all.

"Pink seems to have been a feminine color at least since the late 19th century," Del Guidice wrote in an email. "In summary, when inspected closely, the reversal in pink-blue gender coding shows many warning signs of a scientific ‘urban legend,’ an urban legend that somehow managed to infiltrate the peer-reviewed literature."
And that’s only a link.

Only tumblr could believe that the reason society associates blue to boys and pink to girls is because of Hitler.

This is why I hate the Green brothers. They teach these easily manipulated teenage girls about “History” (their crash course series on youtube is so rife with error I could vomit). And the girls then spread this crap all over the internet.

Yes, I once tried watching their video on either the French Revolution or Napoleon (or both, I really don’t recall) and it was so bad. I then tried to find out whether either of the Green brothers had /any/ professional education in history and it turns out they don’t and their main advisor on the series is their former high school history teacher.. 

It’s not just that they popularize and spread of false, or at least highly inaccurate and debatable, information as fact, but also that their videos don’t help in getting people to see that being a historian and teaching people history isn’t something just everyone can do, but that it’s a serious profession that requires serious study. You wouldn’t let any random guy teach you medicine through a series of youtube videos either.

And it’s sad to see this post being so popular on tumblr and getting reblogged without any of the comments refuting the Green brothers’ claims.. 

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