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I don’t want any eggs - NO!

From The History of The Hen Fever by George P. Burnham (1855)

Illustrated by F. Winterhalter

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Bonaparte, First Consul, at the battle of Marengo. Anonymous engraving. From Napoléon raconté par l’image

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Young man by an unknown artist, c. 1800, from the fashion publication The Tie.

All I can see in this image is Murat trying his hand at the Beau Brummell look.

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A selection of illustrated bats from The Royal Natural History, an 1894 publication with engravings by Adalbert Müller. (New York Public Library)

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Napoléon au Bivouac à Vielle d’Austerlitz by artist Henri Felix Emmanuel Philippoteaux and engraver Jean-Baptiste-Alfred Cornilliet
This one is from Archives Canada but there is a clean up version at the McGill University Digital Library (LINK).


1) coluber gronovianus (?); 2) Cape coral snake; 3) (?).

From Herrn de la Cepede’s Naturgeschichte der Amphibien (Mr de Lacépède’s Natural History of amphibians) vol. 4, by Comte de Lacépède, Weimar, 1802.



Napoleão em Santa Helena.


A gentleman is simply a patient wolf" - sleeve tattoo commission.


René Gruau

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These pages are dotted through the French sections of “An Illustrated History of Modern Europe 1789-1945” by Denis Richards (fifth edition, 1950).  From the preface:

These have been included partly with the idea of making pupils feel more ‘friendly’ towards their text-book, and partly with the idea of aiding the memory.  […]  The picture-charts are summaries of movements or causes of great importance, presented in this way to assist the memory of the many students best approached through the visual sense.

Napoleonic mountain-climbing: Don’t try this at home kids!